Favorite Scripture

Favorite Scripture:

“Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good; yea, when thou liest down at night lie down unto the Lord, that he may watch over you in your sleep; and when thou risest in the morning let thy heart be full of thanks unto God; and if ye do these things, ye shall be lifted up at the last day.” (Alma 37:37)

Monday, August 1, 2016

"Come Follow Me..."

Well... here we go...

These last two years I have learned by experience through the ups, downs, the laughs that bring you to tears, and the tears that bring you to your knees that the gospel is true.  It is perfect.  It has caused me to think deeply about My Heavenly Father and The Savior their love for me.  As I have spent my time riding around like a mad man, sweating, inviting, promising, inviting again, and again, and again, I have learned to find pure joy in the process.  I have come to understand my Savior on a deeper level through this process.  I have come to realized that the process of waking up everyday, working hard, being obedient, sweating, inviting again, again, and again is simply what the savior did. I have been simply following the Saviors example. I have been learning the most important lesson of the gospel.  Love. 

 "Come follow me" He said.  

Wonderful friends in Taiboa presenting gift to Elder Redding on his last day.
As I was riding the bus one afternoon in TaiBao heading to JaiYi for a district meeting.  I found myself pondering the great plan of salvation.  I looked at all of the people standing and sitting in the bus and wondered how they got there.  How did they end up in TaiBao.  My mind kept pondering this over and over and over until the spirit whispered to my heart and my mind a message that has forever changed me.   "All of these people, every single one have at one point in there existence accepted the Savior and My (Heavenly Fathers) plan. You just need to relay the message to come follow Him. " At that moment I had completely new view on the whole entire gospel and every single thing around me.  I was filled with the love of the Savior and as the scriptures say will filled with a desire to do no evil and only do good continually. I knew that it was the Holy Ghost that had relayed this message from a Loving Heavenly Father.  I took another look around in the bus and saw everyone and pictured them in the pre mortal life. I tried to picture what they looked like when they chose the Savior and heard the wonderful message that they would be able to make it back to live with Him and the Father forever.  I pictured these wonderful people smiling, some graciously crying at the thought that they had a Savior that was willing to suffer and die for them.  I then pictured myself right there with them.  I pictured myself there hugging, smiling, and shedding tears of joy with them knowing that we have a Savior.  I realized then the the driving force of the gospel is love  .I can't remember a time where I felt such a deep love for God, of for those around me than that brief moment on the bus in TaiBao. The whole plan was created out of love. 

"Come Follow me" He said.
"We will." We all said. 

I know that the Savior lives.  I know that He loves me.  He is my gentle friend, send by the Father to help me learn how to love.  Calling out to me and all of us with arms open He says" Come follow me."  and invitation by the Savior to learn and feel what love is.  The gospel is love.  When we live it we are filled with love, not only for God, but for all of Gods creations.  Including our brothers and sisters spread all over the earth.  I love my brothers and sisters here in Taiwan.  They will always be in my heart.  I will continue to follow the Savior and learn this lesson of love so that I may dwell safely with all those that are dear to me in the Kingdom of the Father.  

"Come Follow me" He said 

"I will" I say. 

There is a direct correlation with following the Savior and being filled with the love of the gospel.Let us follow the Savior every day, do the things he did, talk the way he talked, and love the way that he loved. 

I love you all so much.  I am beyond grateful for the opportunity that I had to serve My Lord and Savior for these past 2 years.  I love the wonderful people here in Taiwan.  They are my brothers and sisters.  I love my Savior.  I know that families are eternal and that Heavenly Father has a plan for every single one of His children.  

Fantastic news "Y" is getting baptized this week!

See you all next week! 

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Twists and Turns of Life

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week has been such an awesome week!  It has had its own little twists and turns that have made it interesting, and made it so great.  Life is awesome... twists and turns are so fun when we learn to just go with them and trust the Lord.  We can learn something from every little experience in life.  It is so amazing! This week I had many times where I just had to pause for a couple seconds as we were out sharing the gospel and just reflect on how lucky I was to be out here sharing the gospel.  It was such a wonderful and beautiful experience.  It was an experience that was full of happiness.  This week I came to understand the importance of pondering on a deeper level.  

2nd Nephi 4: 

15 And upon these I write the things of my soul, andmany of the scriptures which are engraven upon theplates of brass. For my soul delighteth in the scriptures,and my heart pondereth them, and writeth them for thelearning and the profit of my children.
 16 Behold, my soul delighteth in the things of the Lord;and my heart pondereth continually upon the thingswhich I have seen and heard.

Right after Nephi wrote this in the Book of Mormon we go on to read that he then received a very personal and spiritual experience.  This experience allowed him to reflect on himself in a way that allowed him to grow spiritually, and became a life changing moment for him.  I really believe that life is so short in the scheme of things... as a hero of mine Coach Larry Wall always says, ''This thing goes in a hurry... don't wish it away." I love that.... no matter the twists and turns that life takes we can always know that the Savior... our Savior has been there.  We can always find Him there... and where we find him we will also find JOY! 

This week I went on exchanges with the Elders in the district.  I went over to their area this time and oh boy did we see miracles.  We made a plan the night before and in the plan we had scheduled to find a ''Mc奇蹟''  a McMiracle... haha.  We had planned to go to McDonalds and sit down with someone and just find a miracle. haha!  So as we were there we were looking around with who the Mc奇蹟 was going to be! ... just at that moment I noticed one of the workers at McDonalds (not one of the ones who works behind the desks) her job is to just pick up trash and stuff... and she had a very awkward walk.  As I saw her I smiled at her and she smiled back... soon enough we began to talk.  I came to find out that this woman about 20 years ago got in a scooter accident and really messed up her body and her brain.  For the first year or so after she would eat food and right after would forget that she had already eaten.  I found that before she worked her she was an accountant... and then the accident happened. She went back to work and I sat there and pondered for a second and realized that our Mc奇蹟 was her.  I realized even more at that moment that we really have no room to judge anyone.  Here is this wonderful woman whose life took a completely different turn and found herself doing a job that maybe wasn't considered super great.   She has chosen to be happy.  I went up to her right then and asked her if we could share the message of the gospel with her sometime when she got off work.  She accepted and gave us her contact info.  I know that by pondering it really allowed me to see through Heavenly Fathers eyes at this wonderful woman, and also allowed my to know in my heart without a doubt... that this was our Mc奇蹟。  

This week we also had interviews.  I really am so grateful for a mission president that rely's on the spirit in everything he does.  He is such a huge example to me and such a man of faith.  He is like Nephi.  I was so grateful for the time that I was able to spend with him this week as we studied the scriptures together.  


Elder Redding

Monday, January 11, 2016

The Little Things...Bring Safety and Peace

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week was another fantastic week!! This week just flew by... everyday is just flying by out here.  This week I feel like I was able to understand and feel once again the importance of the scriptures as I read them.  They are true and they are meant for us.  I studied a few talks this week from the 利阿賀拿 Liahona, and as I read the counsel given to us from our leaders I was reminded how often they use the scriptures in their teaching.  It was really inspiring to me.  I love the scriptures and know that they are true.  They are God's words written to us and for us.  Also... I read the scriptures I was reminded of the happiness and the promised that are abundantly shared in them.  READ THE SCRIPTURES!!! :) 

On Tuesday I decided that to start off the day I wanted to try and run a half marathon at this little track for my morning exercise.  So we got up really early and did that.  I was able to finish... I didn't run fast to say the least haha... it took me a little over 90 minutes.  haha and to be honest... I was pretty tired at the end.  haha Elder Cox was a trooper!!! He was just cheering me on.  To be honest I learned a very valuable lesson from that...  I got just over half way done with the thing and my legs were pretty tired and I was thinking about just quitting... however there came Elder Cox and he was right there to cheer me on about every lap yelling things like wahhooo,  go go go, and Youre Iron Man! hahaha!!  Those things really made the biggest difference in the world.  I know that if Elder Cox wasn't there... I would have never finished.  I would have just given up and been okay with it.  I learned how important a companion was once again.  Companions are there to lift and strengthen each other.  When the going gets tough... they are there.  It made me really grateful for our Father in Heavens wisdom and allowing us the opportunity to go to the temple and make covenants that allow us to magnify this principle. 

We were able to go to our ZTM on Tuesday as well.  It was very uplifting and was so great to see the Zone.  I was given the opportunity to share my testimony at the end as well.  We talked a lot about prayer and read a talk before had by Elder Bednar.  I have been trying to focus on saying more prayers of thanks.  Elder Bednar also talked about how our prayers throughout the days and weeks and years are all linked together... or should be. We should always be praying. It gives us the opportunity to talk with the Lord first thing in the morning and then throughout the day and account to him at the very end!  I loved that.  At the end we all sang I Believe in Christ.  That was really powerful.  I am so grateful to say that I Believe in Christ.  He is my King. 

This week we were able to meet with two new investigators... one of which was already a christian and her friend was not.  It was really great.  We were able to share all about the restoration and invite them to really truly pray about these things.  There was a special spirit there.  It was great.  

The two younger boys look like they will most likely be baptized on the 23rd.  We are very hopeful for them.   We are still working with our other investigator.  We hope that she can as well.  

I love all of you so much and am so grateful for all you do for me.  Thank you for all your prayers of faith.  From my wise older brother... , "do the things today that will make all the tomorrows easier...'' Do all the little things for in them ''there is safety and peace''.  


Elder Redding

Sunday, January 3, 2016

新年快樂!!! Happy New Year!!!‏

Dear Family and Friends, 

Happy Day - Guo Family Visits!!! My Family Away from Home!
Wow... where in the world did 2015 go!?  That went by way too fast!!  I can't even believe how quickly time is going.  It has got to stop!!!!  I really love it here.  I love the people here.  I don't ever want to leave them!  I am grateful for this new year.  I am grateful for the opportunity I have to re-evaluate, re-set goals, and take action.  I have found that often times it is really easy to do the first two steps... to re-evaluate and to set goals... haha I have found that the action part is always the killer.  I have found that regardless of what goals we have the most effective way to take action is with the Savior and through his Atoning grace.
Moroni 10:32  Yea, come unto Christ, and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness; and if ye shall deny yourselves of all ungodliness, and love God with all your might, mind and strength, then is his grace sufficient for you, that by his grace ye may be perfect in Christ; and if by the grace of God ye are perfect in Christ, ye can in nowise deny the power of God. 

This week was great.  We have been seeing a ton of success.  It looks pretty sure that on the 23rd we are going to have a few baptisms.  That is always really exciting!  Two of them are a 13 and 14 year old kids.  The other is a girl that we have been meeting with for a little while.  This week she confirmed at church that she was on track to hit that goal.   It was a great sunday.  Sunday,  I also had the great opportunity of blessing the sacrament.  It was the first time I have ever done it on my mission.  I was surprised when they announced right before that I would be doing it.  I did it with one of the members in the ward ChenDX.  It was a really neat experience.  It all went really smooth.  I was really grateful for the sacrament during those few moments.  
Lately we have been finding a ton of new investigators.  It has been such a huge blessing.  One of which is a big family that we found last week.  This week we biked back up to 北港 (beigang) which is not too far.  It is about an hour bike ride... but the wind is always blowing into us... so that always makes it a bit more difficult.  Anyways... when we got there we went to find all of the Less Actives that lived there and ended up going back to "M's" home (the family we found last week). There wasn't anyone home... so we kept going and then saw this lady from the bank show up at their home.  We went back to see what was up and not long after "J" showed up at the house and invited us in.  He is married and has a little boy.  The lady from the bank left and we just were able to talk to him.  I knew that he recognized us as servants of the Lord.  He didn't want to stop talking.  He shared with us some very personal things.  We were able to say a prayer with him at the end.  When we finished the prayer he looked up and looked right at us and said, "you guys can come by here anytime."  It was amazing.  I knew that the spirit confirmed to him that what we were doing was good.  We look forward to meeting back with them. 

This week I went on an exchange with one of my favorite people in the world.  I went with Elder Nipper.  If I can just explain Elder Nipper for a sec... haha.  He is one of those people that when you are with him you just feel like you are a little closer to Heaven.  He does all he can always to have the spirit with him.  It is amazing!  Well right when we started off the exchange he shared a scripture with me.  He shared about Samuel the Lamanite.  He told me that although Samuel was only up on the wall for a short period of time that the influence that he had was eternal.  Because he did what he did while he was on the wall and preached with the spirit... millions of people are still reading about him today and drawing inspiration from his few moments upon the wall.  He related to the exchange we were about to have.  Sometimes missionaries get lost in going through the motions and exchanges just become a way to go with a friend and relax.  That is not their purpose at all.  Their purpose is to learn and to grow together in the spirit.  Their purpose is to teach and learn.  We can find true happiness by doing those things.  Elder Nipper and I started off the exchange with such a strong period.  Right after we got done doing our exchange start meeting... the first person we talked to was a police officer.  He was really busy... but very friendly.  He gave us his number and told us that he had met missionaries before and then told us that we could come over to his house and meet with him again.  I was so grateful for that.  It was a miracle that I know happened because we were treating the things of the Lord the way they were supposed to be treated.  If we would have just gone through the motions I know that miracle never would have ever happened. 

I love all of you so much.  I wish the most happiness and success fall upon you this next year.  I pray that every step you take this next year will be guided my our Heavenly Father's angels, directing, guiding, and lifting you up.  I know that He loves you.  Thank you all for your wonderful lives that have influenced me for good.  Although I may not do the best job expressing my gratitude and love for all those around me I want you to know that I have noticed your influence in my life and am eternally grateful for it.  Every single step in the right direction is worth it. If we are always heading in the right direction we will all get where we want to go at some point.  Heavenly Father doesn't expect us to get there in one big leap!  I love you all!  

Alma 37:34
Teach them to never be weary of good works, but to be meek and lowly in heart; for such shall find rest to their souls.

Elder Redding 洪長老

Monday, December 28, 2015

... They Lived After the Manner of Happiness!

Dear Family and Friends, 

I hope and pray that all of you had a wonderful Christmas.  This Christmas was very special.  I gave  
me opportunities to ponder upon the life of our Savior.  This Christmas I was filled with gratitude and joy. What a joyous message!!  over 2000 years ago a Savior was born.  For us.  That is so awesome!!  This week it was so great to talk to you all.  I loved seeing all of your faces and hearing the same funny jokes that I was still hearing before I left. hahaha!  Some things just never change... ;) hahaha!  Anyways... here is how the week went!

Elder Cox and Elder Redding
This week I went on an exchange with Elder Pun.  He is from Salt Lake and that was a lot of fun.  We were able to teach this one new investigator and President Rao was there with us.  President Rao is such a stud.  He just knows how to share truths about the gospel.  We were very grateful to have him.  We invited her to pray to God just to even know if He is there.  She accepted the invitation.  We have followed up with her and she still doesn't feel like she has gotten an answer but she is willing to keep trying.  We are hoping and praying that she can receive and answer.  

Elder Redding as Santa at Branch Christmas Party

This week Elder Cox and I decided to travel to one of our further secondary areas to go and look for LA members.  It was such a huge miracle.  We started biking and ended up in these fields and we didn't really know where we were... hahah so we just kept heading North because we knew that was the was that we needed to head! haha! Well we got there and didn't get lost.  So when we got there we went to this place that sells frogs to eat! haha!  We ate lunch and then started to search for these people.  As we were searching we decided to get a map... because asking people these random addresses were just taking to all these places that were really far away and it was taking a lot of time.  I wasn't sure about the idea of getting a map at first because I didn't want to waste the time sitting down finding where all these people were when I thought  that we might as well just keep asking people... because we were finding success.  We decided to buy the map anyways and sat down and started mapping out all of the people that lived in this secondary. (北港 beigang) It took a while to map it all out but it was worth it.  It gave us a clear vision of where we wanted to go.  So we decided to start in this corner of the city and work our way down.  Well... the first house that we went to... there was no one there and the phone number was bad.  So we started asking neighbors if these people lived there.  Luckily asking these neighbors bought us enough time so that when we went back to their home they had returned.  It wasn't actually the person we were looking for but it was his sister in law.  She told us that he was in Canada, and that she had met missionaries before.  She had 3 little kids with her and it was cool.  We got her number and she agreed to let us come back and visit her family... just like in Canada.  Well.. when we left I had such a weird feeling.  I felt like we needed to stay there and continue to talk to them.  We went of and started contacting this older couple who was really awesome.  However the whole time we were contacting them I just kept feeling like we needed to go back and see that family and wait with them until they could get in there home.  Finally I was convinced that we were going to go to 7 and buy a little treat for the kids and wait and talk to them until they got the key.  Right then the older couple gave us these couple sodas... and I just felt like we needed to rush back to their home.  Right when we got there someone was just heading in the house.  However it wasn't her... it was her brother.  We told him that we just wanted to give these sodas to the little kids so they didn't have to wait so long and be bored... haha.  Right then he called his sister and then they ended up inviting us in to have dinner with them.  We then were better able to understand them and even share with them.  We had a prayer and taught their 12 year old son how to pray.  He said the closing prayer.  It was such a huge miracle!!!  There were so many things that led up to that that allowed us to be there  at just ther right time.  God loves his children.  I know that to be true.  

Christmas was awesome.  I even got to be Santa Clause!!! hahahaha!!! Our branch loved it.  I will send you guys some pictures.  I love you all so much.

This week I read about Nephi.  I read about how Nephi and his people "lived after the manner of happiness".  I know that this is a direct result of following the commandments and being obedient.  "I  the Lord am bound when you do what I say, but when you do not what I saw ye have no promise. "  The blessings that the Lord has promised us are so great.  We can't even comprehend them! I love you all.  Live after the manner of happiness!! :) 

Elder Redding

Monday, December 21, 2015

Blessed are the Pure in Heart...

Dear Family and Friends, 

This last week has been great!!!  It has been such a blessing to be serving with Elder Cox!  He is a

great missionary with an amazing attitude!!  This week we saw some amazing miracles and I can't wait to tell you all about them.  This week it has gotten really cold here in TaiBao... well I think it is cold anyways!! hahaha!!! It probably would feel great to you guys but I think that I have become Taiwanese!!! hahahah!

On Tuesday right after we finished our studies we had planed to walk (because Elder Cox's Bike hadn't been moved yet) to this place in Taibao.  As we left the door we had the feeling to go a different way to this place.  It didn't really make sense at the time because TaiBao doesn't really have people anyways and if we walked this other way then I felt like there really wouldn't be anyone... I thought it might be a waste of time... I thought about it for a sec and decided to act on it.  Sure enough... there weren't a whole lot of people... haha and right when we were about to get where we had planned to go we saw this lady sitting on the swings at the park with her little girl.  We decided to go and talk to her.  It was so cool... the more we got talking the more open she got with us and then shared about a recent divorce that she had.  She has 3 kids and only 1 of them live with her.  We were able to talk about the peace and happiness that the Savior brings.  It was so cool!!  She said that she would be willing to come to church sometime... maybe for the Christmas party?? (We have a branch Christmas party on the 25th).  It was such a huge miracle.  We then had to hurry and take a bus to JiaYi City for DTM.  

The DTM topic this week this week was the DL's choice.  So I decided to teach it on how to have an effective personal study.  As I was preparing the DTM it really hit me how vital the hours are before we leave the door every morning.  The literally make or break the day.  It is the key to keeping our spiritual fuel from running out for the day.  So we talked about some key things to having an effective study in the morning.  I think that it was Elder Holland who once said the a missionary will either make or breaks his mission in the first few hours of every day.  The DTM was very uplifting and motivating.  In the end it came down to something that I have heard President Blickenstaff say a few times now.  " This is your mission, you are responsible for what happens out here ... take control of it. " It is simple.  This is our life that our loving Heavenly Father has given us.  You better believe that He wants us to have success and happiness.  It is up to us to take control of it.  The beauty is that in this process we are not alone.  As we use the gospel of Jesus Christ and His atonement to pattern our lives it as if we are never alone.  He is always right beside us.  

I came away from that DTM with a greater desire to study the gospel and change myself.  In our apartment on the wall there is a scripture.  It has become one of my favorite scriptures... 

Mathew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

This scripture means a lot to me.  I have read it over, and over, and over this week.  It has hit me seeing God, we will all have the chance to do that some day... but when we purify our hearts we have the chance to see him every day.  We can see him in every little thing around us.  We will see his hands in all things!  I want more that anything to purify and allow the desires of my heart to see God in everything that I do.  We we see god in everything we do we will be filled with the Holy Ghost.  This is literally Heaven on Earth.  

Christmas Party
This week we also had the opportunity to participate in the JiaYi City parade!!! It was so cool!! It so amazing to see the streets of Taiwan filled with Christmas cheer.  There was a special power in our little band of members.  There was a difference.  I was so happy... I also got to see an old friend named Chester.  I met him in DaKeng when he came and visited Elder Munger.  It was great to see him!!  

Family, I love you all so much.  Thank you for always making Christmas so special for me.  You have made this time of year unforgettable for me.  I love you all.  I pray this you all can be filled with the love of Christ in these next few days.  He loves you is always ready to remind you of that love.  I hope that in the next couple of Days you all get a chance to sit alone in a quiet place and think of the Savior.  Imagine you were there sitting next to that manger.  Just you and Him.  And you could look into His eyes... those pure eyes and know and feel the deep love that he has for you!!! I love you all!!!  


Elder Redding 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Short on Time - Mini Move Call

District Training Meeting Splits
Thank you so much for the letter!!  It means a ton!  I just picked up my new companion!  His name is

With Elder Larsen and Visitor from MingJian
Elder Cox and he is awesome!!! I can't wait to work with him.  I am still in TaiBao.  We had a mini movecall come out on Sunday because of so many missionaries leaving in December.  It was so great to serve with Elder Larsen.  He will be really missed! He is a great friend!  :)