Favorite Scripture

Favorite Scripture:

“Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good; yea, when thou liest down at night lie down unto the Lord, that he may watch over you in your sleep; and when thou risest in the morning let thy heart be full of thanks unto God; and if ye do these things, ye shall be lifted up at the last day.” (Alma 37:37)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Great Friends - Examples of Great Service

Dear Family and Friends,

The month has flown by! I can't believe that October is already almost over.  This week we got to go to the temple! That was really awesome. It made me think of when we went to the Portland Temple. It made me feel a lot of joy because I realized again how lucky I am to have the amazing family that I have. You are my best friends. I feel so blessed with the knowledge that we have the opportunity of spending eternity together. It gave me so much peace and joy. Just think, we get to hear mom tell me to take my vitamins for eternity! ;) hahaha! Just teasing Mom, I love you. Truly I feel so blessed to have you guys. 

We are getting into the winter season here, it's getting a lot colder. It's not near as cold as Utah, but it rains every day. This week it rained like crazy! I was so happy I was in a car this week haha. Next week we will get our turn with the bikes! 

On Thursday it was raining like crazy! We showed up at H's house and got to spend time with him. We talked to him about changing and becoming better. I told him that now was the time to make changes. Not just for him, but for all of us.  I related it to wrestling for him, because he was a wrestler when he was young. I related his matches that went 3 rounds and how tough they were but how much joy he felt after - related that to the atonement and changing. I tried to help him see that the decisions he needed to make weren't going to be easy, but they would be worth it. In the end they would make his best memories and be something that he will always remember and be grateful for. He said that he knew he needed to go to church. We kindly agreed haha. He can't right now because of his foot. He has them all cut up because of diabetes and is in a wheelchair, but as soon as they got healed he would come. We are going to try and get him a ride before then.

Friday was the Temple with our Zone! And after H had us try and help him figure out some paperwork. We helped him interpret the paperwork and explained how to fill it out, so he appreciated that a ton. He is so funny! He calls us his boys.  He will be on the phone when we go over and he will straight up tell anyone he is on with, "hey gotta go, my boys are here! Yeah, the Mormon boys." 

As I was reading this week I read in Alma 38 about when Alma the younger was giving his son Shiblon council.  I read vs: 3 and 4 which say:

"3 I say unto you, my son, that I have had great joy in thee already, because of thy faithfulness and thy diligence, and thy patience and thy long-suffering among the people of the Zoramites. 
4 For I know that thou wast in bonds; yea, and I also know that thou wast stoned for the word’s sake; and thou didst bear all these things with patience because the Lord was with thee; and now thou knowest that the Lord did deliver thee."

When I read this I thought of Sam. I was completely overcome with Sam's experience but more importantly Sam's response. To realize then that he may have suffered quite a bit of pain and the time but to completely direct it outward and be thankful for our Savior and for Joseph Smith is a testimony of Sam's dedication to The Lord and this work. It is very natural for us to look inward when we have things go wrong, or get drilled in the head by a rock. That is the natural man, that is not Sam. Sam has always been a great example to me as a friend and continues to be an example to me in this great work. I love what Alma says to his son. He tells him the he has had great joy in Shiblon because of his hard work and patience. I can say the same thing about Sam. I know that our Heavenly Father is proud of him and his hard work and patience. I know that he is proud of all of my great friends and their great service. I am so grateful for the great friends I have who are amazing examples to me! 

Well, family I love you guys so much! Please keep up the great work and know that I love you all so much and pray for all of you! 


Elder Redding

Monday, October 20, 2014

"It Feels Like Home, Doesn't It?"

Dear Family and Friends, 

It's been another great week in the field. Another bike week under my belt. It was super rainy this week though! People here just say it is going to rain every day. It's funny! Haha. Cuz most days it does. Most of the time though it's just a constant light rain! Like in Utah if it rains it seems to rain pretty hard for a short time. It just rains all the time very lightly. We have had some good, sunny days too, which I guess is very unusual for this time of year here. Winter here they say is just cloudy and foggy and you don't see the sun much and it just rains. Haha but there were some gorgeous days this week. It's gonna start getting pretty overcast though these next couple weeks! Dad, you would love the weather here. Morning runs are absolute bliss. Haha... It's cool, but not too cold right now. It's foggy and wet and beautiful! It's amazing.  

This week had a lot of great things happen.  So like I said, starting with last Monday we went on a gorgeous  Pday hike. The hike we went on half the time didn't even look like we were in real places they were so beautiful. They were all pictures you would find in a calendar. It was sweet! We went on that with our ward mission leader and the Zone Leaders! 
PDay Hike - 10/13/14

PDay Hike - October 13, 2014

Elder Plessinger, Brother Graham (ward mission leader), Elder Redding

Waterfall on PDay Hike - October 13,2014

Saturday was great and I thought it would be a great idea to go see "D" Saturday night and get her to commit to coming to church so that she wouldn't have a day to cancel on us again. It was great. She is so awesome. She is 77 years old and I don't know how long it has been since she has been to church. That night we called Sister Doty the relief society president to ask her to pick "D" up for church the next day and she said they would be greet and she said that she was kind of surprised that she said yes. She said it has been over 30 years since she has been to church and she has tried multiple times to get her to come. Haha she said that she flat out slammed the door on her. Haha.  I told sister doty my feelings about "D"coming. I really wanted her to come because right now in her life, she lives alone in a trailer park with her cat and doesn't have a car or anything and has to be lonely. She told us that every Thursday she takes the bus to the store and it only costs her 4$ haha steal of a deal huh? ;) haha but by the sounds of it that really is the highlight other week. I knew that she was scared the weeks before and that is why she canceled, but I knew if we could get her to come once this would be something she looked forward to each week like the bus ride to the store.  

Sunday morning rolls around and she actually showed up!! Haha it was a miracle. I had fully expected Sister Doty to show up and "D" to just tell her she wasn't coming. She came!!! Haha I sat with "D" and just talked. Sister Doty introduced her to some people and we just talked. We have a really good relationship and she feels really comfortable around me. We introduced her to others and she seemed to really enjoy it.  During the middle of the meeting I leaned over to her and nudged her and said, feels like home doesn't it? She looked at me and smiled and said. "Yes, yes it does." A couple minutes passed by after that and then she nudged me and said, "thank you." That made my whole day. The talks were about tithing. I didn't know if she really understood, because she hasn't been in who knows how long and kinda has a little bit of issues with memory. But after when Sister D took her home she asked to go and get a tithing slip, she then told sister doty she was coming next week. It was exactly what I was hoping for. I think it is something she will look forward to every week.  That made me really think, we all should look forward to sacrament every week. It is an opportunity to start fresh and clean. It's a fresh new start for the week. It is a chance to improve. Great Sunday. 

After on Sunday I saw my friend C! She came to church too. It's hard though cuz she doesn't understand a ton in English... Well anything. Haha but we went over to the Mcdonalds after and I brought the "finding faith in Christ" video. We played it in Chinese. And after she asked me, how do I know that Christ was resurrected and lived again. It was super deep, she asked about why we call ourselves the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And she never has really asked that much about it. It was really powerful. She also read 8 chapters this week in the Book of Mormon. It has been another great week. 

PDay Hike - Mt. Hood

PDay Hike - Mt. Hood with Zone Leaders and Comp

PDay Hike Mt. Hood
Ty and Elder Redding

This week I was reading about the Anti-Nephi-Lehies, and it really came to me that they were not just a people that had a super strong testimony of The Lord, but they were converted. As Elder Bednar says, "having a testimony is not enough."  I think that the Anti-Nephi-Lehies are a a great example for all of us.  I can't imagine burying my weapons of war and letting people come and kill me without fighting back.  This made me think, what are my weapons of war that I need to promise to never dig up.  Sometimes when life gets hard we have a tendency to dig up old habits or pleasures or coping methods to deal with the problem or stressor at the time.  It seems to be a natural thing.  However, I know that once we can have those tough challenges in our life and keep our weapons of war buried and trust in The Lord, we to will have been converted unto The Lord. In the end of the story, the people who died without fighting back did not die in vain.  It also said that the Lamanites actually stopped killing them and there were more Lamanites converted than the number if Anti-Nephi-Lehies killed.  What are the weapons of war in our lives that are holding us back from being the best we can be? I love you all. 

Love you guys, 

Elder Redding

Monday, October 13, 2014

Teaching Great People!

Hello family and friends! 

Sorry, we went on a sweet hike all day today for PDay with our ward mission leader! He is so cool! We just got back and I don't have very long to email before we have to get back to the grind! Haha. I will try to send some pics from this week! Also... Jay, our ward mission leader is putting a bunch of pics on FB of us! He will tag me in a bunch so you can get some there! 

Meet the Mormons was great. We watched it Zone Conference! I really liked the first one too! President Ballard bore his testimony at the end about testimony. He talked about finding your testimony on the mission. He said, if you feel like you don't have one, hold on. He is aware of your needs and is anxious to help you. That was a really powerful moment when he talked about that. I just felt the spirit when he did. 
Elder Redding with 2nd Cousin, Elder Cantrell
at Zone Conference

Zone Conference Outing

Elder Redding at Zone Conference Outing

Elder Redding and Elder Plessinger - Zone Conference Outing

Also, I met a kid who is 18 years old and is from China. He came to church this week. That was really neat. So I went up and bore my testimony, first in English and then in Chinese for him. ...he is very shy, and don't think he has a bunch of friends at high school. It was nice. We are taking him out for ice cream this week with "C...") (our other Chinese investigator) 

Then after church we went to the McDonald's, they are sweet. I love them. This is the family that "C..."is living with. I talked to her, and it went really well. I asked her to be honest with me about the church and her interest. Because a lot of times they will just tell you what you want to hear. The Chinese don't want to disappoint. She took it well and told me that she thinks it is a good thing, but needs more time. I told her that that was great. I told her that it took me time too. I told her that it deserves time. She committed to reading the whole Book of Mormon. .... Wow. Haha. She is amazing. 

This is going to be a great week. I love you guys so much.

I will send a bunch of pics!! Hahaha ... And the video is of me with a new member.


Elder Redding

Monday, October 6, 2014

Another Great Week!

Family and Friends, 

This has been another great week!  We have some great opportunities this week!  I am very excited for it.  Also this week we have Zone Conference, and for Zone Conference we are watching Meet the Mormons.  We get to see it before it even comes out.  President Ballard has it already.  We are going to watch it on Thursday! 

This last week we got to meet up with Mary again.  We were able to share a message about prayer with her.  She was really happy and really appreciated us coming to see her.  I am hoping that this week we can get her to come to church.  We have a few investigators that we are hoping will come to church this week.  
 This week was the first week on a bike for me.  I LOVED it!!!!! It was so fun... It was tiring at times, haha but I loved it.  We are in a car again this week... I wish that we were always on the bike!!  On Thursday we got a call right in the middle of Companion study from the sisters in our zone and they were at the hospital because one of them got their finger stuck in a blender! Dont ask me why she put her hand in the blender while it was going.. haha but she did.  She was at the emergency room and wanted a blessing!! So we were rushing as fast as we could  and the hospital was all the way by the clackamas town center!!! And we took a wrong turn... haha!!!  It was interesting though... I was so tired, I was biking as hard as I could and as we were there were people yelling at us and swearing at us... That always kinda happens... but it was even more that day.  It made me realize how amazing and powerful the priesthood is.  It made me realize how important it is. Anyways, we got to the hospital, I tried to talk to a lady... haha she began telling me that us mormons worship on the wrong day, I politely asked her if she would like a book of mormon.. she said no.  She already had one... then started telling me again how us mormons were wrong I just shook her hand and told her my name and told her that it was nice to meet her.  We didn't have a lot of time because we were still on the way to the blessing! Then we got there and were able to give it.  It turned out that it wasn't that bad at all, but it was still a great opportunity.  There is a statue at the MTC, it’s of two missionaries on bikes and they are booking it! That is how I felt.  The work is hastening and we are on the Lords call.  It isn't a matter we should take lightly.

There were two instances this week where people came up to us and asked us for help.  It was so crazy!! The first was when we had just got home and this guy came up to us and asked if we were Mormons.  We said yes and he asked us if we could meet again!  haha we were like... uhh.... YEAH!!!!!  its just funny because most people want nothing to do with us!  We set up an appointment the following day and taught him the restoration.  I shared the mormon message about the testimony of the book of mormon with Elder Holland.  We asked him to Read the book of Mormon and Pray about it.  He said he would. He asked about Joseph Smith.  We told him about the restoration and taught him about prophets and that we have a living Prophet today.  After the lesson you could just tell that he was in deep thought. I think that he was really thinking about what we said. 

The members here are so great!  They take care of us so much.  I love the members here!

General Conference was awesome!! I loved the way Elder Holland spoke.  It reminded me of King Benjamin when he was talking to the people and telling them that he was no different then them.  Elder Holland told everyone that he doesn't know how it feels to be poor, he doesn't know how to tell people who are to handle it, but he knows that Lord knows.  Our savior Jesus Christ who suffered for all of us was homeless.  He knows.  I just loved how Elder Holland would come out and admit that he doesn't know how that feels.  Then after he so boldly testified how the Lord knows.  It really showed to me how humble President Holland is.  I could feel the spirit working through him.  It touched my heart.  

I love you all and keep up the great work.  

Love always, 

Elder Redding

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Special Post from Coach Boog (Baseball Coach)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

RollTribe Called To Serve....8 for 8

This past Spring our Baseball Team at Bountiful High School won it's first State Baseball Championship in 26 years by beating Spanish Fork 6-4 in the Championship Game.  We were led by a group of 8 Seniors, all of whom played a pivotal role in the State Championship Run.  Over the course of the last 6 months, one by one, each of these 8 seniors received their mission call to serve the Lord for 2 years as a full time missionary.  Last evening, I Coach Boog,received a phone call from Masen Jones, our baseball team's catcher, telling me that he had finally received his mission call to serve in the Washington Vancouver Mission departing November 12.  Masen was the final member of this group of 8 of the finest young men on the earth today to receive his call.

As their coach, I am grateful for their accomplishments on the baseball field.  It was a surreal experience and one that everyone of those young men as well as all the other players on our team deserved.  But more importantly, I am very proud of each and every one of their desire's to serve a mission and serve other people.  Baseball helps build character, serving missions for the Lord reveals their character to the world.  This in my mind is an accomplishment of the highest levels of commitment.  I am honored to be their coach for both of these wonderful accomplishments.  Go Forth Young Men and Serve with all Your Heart, Might, Mind, and Strength!  I Stand All Amazed!

From Left to Right
Elder Tanner Redding (SS) - Taiwan Taichung
Elder Jordan Hayes (LF) - Samoa Apia
Elder Masen Jones (C) - Washington Vancouver
Elder Ryan Stringfellow (1B) - Madagascar Antananarivo
Coach Boog - Japan Kobe (1988-1990)
Elder Ryan Curtis (CF) Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Elder Andrew Naegle (RF/DH) - Ecuador Quito
Elder Brayden Muir (RHP) - Brazil Rio De Janeiro
Elder Sam Merrill (DH/RF) - Nicaragua Managua South

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