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Favorite Scripture:

“Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good; yea, when thou liest down at night lie down unto the Lord, that he may watch over you in your sleep; and when thou risest in the morning let thy heart be full of thanks unto God; and if ye do these things, ye shall be lifted up at the last day.” (Alma 37:37)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Amazing New Investigators!

Dear Family and Friends,
This week has been another great week!  It has been a busy crazy week, but has been awesome!!  I was so happy to hear about Elder Lloyd's baptism this week!!  What a stud!  I love him!  haha I can't help but smile when I think about him cheetoing around in the jungle!! hahaha!  This week was a great week for us finding new investigators!  This week we found 7 New Investigators who all have great desires to hear the gospel!!
Three of them are this one family... This family is amazing.  We met them out side of a family mart a couple weeks ago.  We decided to sit outside, because it was noisy inside... haha it was outside too! haha but in the window of the family mart there was this guy and his wife!  The guy had this Aeropostale bag by him... haha you know the ones with the ripped guys without their shirts on! hahah! So we made eye contact with him and he started laughing because of the bag! hahah he then started to pointing to me and saying that it was me on the bag! hahah and we started pointing to him!!! hahah!  it was so funny, but when he left he came up and brought us Orange Juice!  He told us that he knew that we didn't drink tea so he got us orange juice! haha we got talking with him and he told us that his English name was P...!  hahah!  He just told us that we should come over to his house for dinner! haha so we got his number!  (That is super un-common to get invited to someones house here) 
So this week we made it to his house!  We were on exchanges, so I was leading out the area and was with Elder Wutang.  We got to P's house and there was just a feeling of love there.  It was special.  This was the most amazing family.  They are amazing!  They really want us to help their son, and they themselves are really into learning about the church!!!  They made us spagetti and got us Coke and juice and Fried Chicken!! We bore testimony of families to them and it went really well.  They invited us back this week again for dinner and to share a message! 
The exchange was way fun, and when we got back after planning Elder Wutan went up on top of our building on the roof and just overlooked TaiZhong.  It was so humbling to be up that high and look out over the whole city and to think how many people are here and how many of these people need the gospel in their lives.  I just felt love and felt the great responibility!  There are about 6-8 missionaries in the city of Taizhong... there are over 2 million people who haven't heard the gospel in the city of Taizhong.  I cannot affort to waste one second out here.  These people need to know!  On the roof I also thought about how small I am... yet how much my Father in Heaven loves me.  It gave me great peace.  It was a neat night! 
After the exchange we were meeting up at the church to exchange back and this guy from Korea was there and found us and asked to take us to dinner!  haha he is a member in Korea!  So we went to ZhongYouBaiHuo department store!  Its this big building with all these awesome restraunts in it!  We went to this HotPot!!  It was amazing!!!
J had her interview this week and passed, and was going to get baptized this next week... but she says that she doesn't feel quite ready yet!  She says she feels stressed.  She said she hasn't experienced a "miracle" yet!  We tried to help her realize that no one is ever ready.  It is a life long journey of happiness!  It truly is.  We are really praying hard that this week we can help her have an experience of her own!  She needs one right now.  D has really made some good changes.  He is making head way!  All good things ahead!!!!! Just keep praying!!!
I love you all so much!  One thing that really struck me this week was a thought I had about the Prophet Joseph Smith. I cannot even imagine everything that he went through and the fact that he continued to keep his faith.  He is an example to me and I know that he was prepared in the premortal life to have the faith to endure his mortal trials and carryout his mission.  I also know that he is no different than all of us in that sense.  Our missions here on this earth may not be exactly like the Prophet Joseph, but they are of great importance and enable us to learn and grow.  We like the prophet Joseph were also prepared long before we got here to succeed.  That gives me great comfort as I face every day's new challenges.  I hope it gives you all strength and comfort as well!!  I love you all!
Elder Redding
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