Favorite Scripture

Favorite Scripture:

“Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good; yea, when thou liest down at night lie down unto the Lord, that he may watch over you in your sleep; and when thou risest in the morning let thy heart be full of thanks unto God; and if ye do these things, ye shall be lifted up at the last day.” (Alma 37:37)

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Goodbye 名間 (Mingjian)‏ - The Land of Miracles!

Dear Family and Friends, 

Hello everyone!!!  Another crazy week in good ol Taiwan!!  To explain the title of my email I will start off by telling you all that I found out this week that I will be leaving MingJian... :(  My comp found out this last Thursday that he will be training for the last 10 weeks of his mission.  So this next Friday I will head off with either the Zone Leaders or head up to TaiZhong and serve in Dakeng again until next Monday.  I don't know where I am heading yet, so I will find out on Saturday and head out next Monday.  I was kinda bummed when I first heard... I really loved serving in MingJian and really loved the people and the branch
With Brother W and His Daughter
here.  I really wish that I could have spent more time here.  It is okay though... I know that the Lord wants me to serve somewhere else for the next little while and I will trust him and will love the people there as well.  I hope that this next Friday I get to go up and serve in Dakeng again for a few days because next Saturday they are baptizing Brother W.  I was teaching him with Elder Munger and Elder Ju!  That would be so awesome to get to go to his baptism.  

One thing that I have learned here in MingJian is that the Lord is truly over this work.  That us missionaries are young and this work is way above us all.  I have found that he is so willing to help us and guide us if we will just do our very best to move forward this work and look to him in every thought.  MingJian is the land of miracles.  I will be forever grateful for the opportunity that I had to serve here.  

The last two weeks it has really rained... haha.  The people here hate the rain so much.  It is kind of hard to schedule meetings with people because right when it rains all of a sudden staying out of the rain is way more important than their word... hahaha! It has been good though.  Elder Roberts got sick this last week... so that was tough on  him.  He is getting better though...  he just can't talk right now.  His voice is all the way gone.  We will be praying that come Friday when he gets his trainee that he can speak again.  

This week we had a couple really cool experiences.  On Wednesday we traveled to zhushan to meet with This older family... we brought a member with us... because they speak a lot of Taiwanese haha.  We sat down with them and shared what our purpose is.  They are very religious Buddhists... but at the end we invited them and their two daughters to church.  The Dad said that he would.  He said he couldn't this week but next week he would.  I thought that was really awesome!!  I hope that as he comes to church that he can feel the spirit.  

Elder Roberts, Brother L, Elder Redding
On Saturday we went over to sister M's home.  Her son J was there to.  We had dinner with them and it was soooooo goood! haha!  We had planned to share to short movie finding faith in Christ.  We pulled out the usb... and couldn't find it.  We picked this other video... and the spirit was so strong.  ... I kinda got all emotional and pulled a Dad. haha.  It was really neat though.  I hope that you guys can watch the video as well.  It is called Come unto Christ.  It was the 2014 theme song.  It was filmed at Bountiful High actually!  haha.  

Sunday was great... I got called on to give my testimony because I was leaving.  I also got called on a lot that day during lessons... hahah because Elder Roberts couldn't speak.  It was a great experience.  The branch was so kind to me.  I really will miss them.  I love them and will pray for them.  I talked to the Branch President and he is going to play ball with us thursday morning with Brother Lin.  (Bro Lin played in college) haha.  It should be really fun.  That is the day before I leave. 

This week we had to go to this Train the trainers meeting in GaoXiong.  It took all day, and on the way home we met these Aborigines.  The Aborigines in Taiwan for the most part are all Christian. It was super funny.  They came and found us on the train, and so we started talking to them.  The Aborigines are always so happy.  They have very simple lives but are always so happy.  I think that it is because of their belief in the savior.  Everytime we meet one they see our name tags and ask all excited like, "Are you guys christian?" haha we tell them yes and they get really happy.  It is super cool.  

I love you all so much and am so grateful for your wonderful examples to me!! I love and pray for you all!!  Keep the faith my friends.  

Love ,

Elder Redding  

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